Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Seven

So I want to start a new weekly post, entitled Sunday's Seven. I will post 7 things that have gone on during the past week or just things that are on my mind.

1. Seattle - I've been waiting for this trip for quite a while now and it is here!! And I am there! I got to see Jonathan a couple months ago when he came back for an interview but haven't seen the SIL since Christmas - which is way too long!

2. Baby O - although I have about 9 nieces/nephews on the husbands side, Baby O will be my very first nephew on my side! I have been waiting to be an aunt for so long and am so excited to be in his life from day 1! And even more than that, I can't wait to see J & C become parents. I'm sure I will cry myself silly when I first see Jonathan hold him for the first time. And don't worry, I will have my camera to document that moment!!

3. Moving baby - So I felt Baby C kick for the first time during week 22...but wasn't totally sure until week 23 that it was for sure movement. Now I can identify it very clearly. I wasn't sure how long it would be until KC would be able to feel. Every time she would start to move, I would have him out his hand on my belly and of course, she would stop. Very ornery! So we were laying in bed the other day and his hand was on my belly and he goes, "oh my gosh, I felt her!!!" I seriously couldn't stop smiling. Feeling her move is quite possible one of the coolest things ever!!

4. Meeting baby - so I think all of the time about meeting our baby girl. I wonder what she will look like, how much hair she will have, will she have dark eyes like her dad or maybe get my baby blues?! I wonder if she will like us (ha!) or if she will like her big brother and sister (Bentley and Chloe)? Lots and lots of things go through my head about my baby and I can't help but pray for her every day. I pray most of all that she is healthy and that we will be the best parents to her, that we possible can be.

5. My diaper bag - You might remember my blog post about my diaper bag here. I have a thing about diaper bags (I love them) and I have a very strong opinion about them. The pockets, the contents, the style – its all so fun! Call me crazy! So I have had mine for a while but cant help look at other ones all of the time!! (I sure hope KC isn't reading this!) But he did inform me that he wants his own bag which is fine by me because I sure don't want mine getting all messed up!! :) I seriously want to go buy diapers, wipes, toys and all of the other stuff that goes in them, like yesterday! Maybe a little early, I know!! I'm not really going to do it but you bet I will before too long!! (Crazy person, table for one! :)

6. The husband (KC) - I have felt very grateful for him lately because I know I can be a lot to deal with at times (hard to believe, isn't it?!) ESPECIALLY while pregnant! The emotions are crazy. I don't even know what I want half the time, making it very hard impossible for him to know what I want! But I can't think of a more perfect person to be on this journey with!! We were driving the other day and a song came on the radio to which I knew every word so I started belting it out. And if you know me at all, you know I sing almost as good as Mariah Carey (or something like that). So, he just shook his head and tried not to smile. I grabbed his hand and told him that I was so glad that I was in his life to provide him great entertainment! Never a dull moment! He's pretty lucky, huh?? :)

7. Dead Ginger - so I got a new car not too long ago and named her Ginger. Just for the very reason that she is red. Duh! So I was about 30 minutes away from home last week when all of the sudden Ginger started acting funny and I couldn't accelerate. I was on a super busy street and started to panic. People were honking and I just wanted to get out of the way! I was able to coast down a side street and then she just died. It started smoking under the hood and the whole shebang! Oh and it was a balmy 85 degrees out! Thankfully there was a car shop not too far away so I left Ginger in the middle of the road and walked to the mechanic. So try to imagine this blonde, pregnant, pissed girl, in heels! walks into the shop and says: my car is in the middle of the road, about to get hit any second and I have no idea what is wrong! So there I am- stranded, hot as heck, starving and not a happy camper! It was quite the site! So I will sum up the rest of the story - this certain car place tried to screw me and overcharge me about $300 so a saint of a friend came to get me and the car got towed somewhere else to get fixed. So the point of this was really to say...I am so very very grateful for friends who will drop whatever they are doing to come to my rescue! Thanks again LJ!!

Can't wait to see what adventures are ahead of me this week!! Hopefully the only exciting thing that happens is baby O making his appearance in the world!

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  1. I think two diaper bags will be plenty!