Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not so irrational now....

So I was on Rue La La a while back and they were having a Kate Spade sale. If you know anything at Rue, you know you have to be on there right at 10 AM or things sell out FAST! So there were these diaper bags (and no, I wasn't pregnant at the time) but it was soooo cute! It was a very classic look that I knew would NEVER go out of style!! (Do you like my rationalization?) So sure enough, I clicked on it and it was SOLD OUT!! Bummer. BUT.....with Rue, you can click on "still want it". I had never done that before so I thought I would try it. NEVER thinking one would become available. So low and behold.... 6 weeks later, it came to my front door!!! The hallelujah chorus started. (Ok that might be a tad dramatic).

I was so nervous Kenneth would be mad at me (I mean, it was just an semi-expensive, irrational purchase, but who cares?!) So I waited a couple days to tell him. I told him that my mom told me I should get it. I told him that it was ON SALE! I told him that it would match a boy or girl! I told him that he would look great carrying it and he better be glad I didn't get one with flowers on it! I also told him that I could return it and would if he wanted me to..........(my fingers were crossed!)

So long story short....I guess this wasn't such an irrational purchase!!

Isn't she a beauty? :)
Yes, I should have taken all of the wrapping off but I had to snap a picture before the hubs saw it! 

Can't wait to fill this with all of Baby C's stuff!! 


  1. I love Rue! I am so excited for the two of you. Now it's time to enjoy the best time of your life, being a momma. That bag is so cute, and so you- I'm glad you got it!! :)

  2. That is super cute! I am shocked at how much better diaper bags are than when I had my FIRST TEN years ago!!!! All we had then were pastel colors and baby animals, ugh!

  3. OMGosh you crack me up! LOL! Sweet bag sista!

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